Creepy Stories to Get You Through the Dishes, Laundry, and Other Mundane Tasks

Do you ever have “one of those days,” and can’t seem to climb out from under the mountain of work (or laundry) long enough for a Fiction Fix? That’s where suspense stories for busy days come in.

I’m excited to share some great sources for free, creepy short stories and audio dramas that I think you’ll love.

Sometimes you need a little reward to look forward to. Maybe it’s the boost that gets you through balancing the checkbook or cleaning up after dinner…while everyone else in the house congregates in the living room to watch TV.

That was me. I used to dread after-dinner cleanup until I realized it was the perfect time to listen to a creepy audio drama or podcast. Here are some favorites:

Creepy Short Stories, Novels, and Audio Dramas for Dull Daily Tasks

  • Lore One of the most intriguing podcasts I’ve listened to, Lore is a blend of history and sinister stories, many of which showcase the darker side of human nature. Read in a spellbinding manner with beautiful, albeit sinister music, this podcast is a treat, especially on dull car rides or while tackling large cleaning projects. I listened incessantly while painting the trim along our foundation.
  • Lady McCreepsta Reading short stories, Lady McCreepsta shares tales of the macabre, the ironic, and the just plain horrific. All of the stories are written by different authors, so if one doesn’t resonate with you, try a second or third. These stories are the perfect length to wash dishes or take care of some laundry.
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast This podcast is in a word, fun. The two hosts Chad and Chris, discuss a different Lovecraft story or Lovecraft-esque story in each episode. With 11 years (yes, you read that right) of archives, you won’t run out of choices soon. Perfect for cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floor…though you might feel more comfortable keeping an eye over your shoulder while working.
  • Suspense Radio Drama Still one of my all-time favorites, this impeccably made show will transport you–background sounds and all–to wherever the story takes place. Professional actors draw you into the narrative and keep goosebumps appearing along the journey. Most of these have a little longer running time, so I prefer them for long car drives and more tedious household tasks, like washing windows or deep cleaning appliances.
  • Simply Scary Podcasts As it sounds, these are a mix of chilling short stories, dramatized on one of three podcasts: Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, Horror Hill, and Scary Stories Told in the Dark. With a mix of lengths and macabre-ness, this grabbag of stories is best paired with those chores that are far too easy to put off like cleaning and organizing closets, re-grouting the tile, and sorting paper clutter.

What did I miss? Please share your favorite creepy podcast or audio drama in the comments. Looking for a supernatural thriller with Gothic undertones? Check out my novels.

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