We know that reading is good for us. We make time to read fiction because it’s a welcome escape from the nuttiness of the world around us. But do you ever feel overwhelmed with options when it comes to choosing your next great thriller book?

I do.

While you could check out some of my former Thriller Book Recommendation videos, today I wanted to share some thriller authors who you might not have come across yet.

Steven Ramirez

Book(s) Recommended: The Sarah Greene Mysteries Series

Why: An addictive blend of The Sixth Sense vs. Nancy Drew.

2 Sentence Description: Sarah Greene is…

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For a thriller book/horror book lover and writer, researching monsters like Bigfoot, Moth Man, the Jersey Devil and more is something I call fun. Usually, I conduct my research online…like when I found the ultimate Bigfoot encounter site, Pacwest Bigfoot.

But when I had the opportunity to explore the International Cryptozoology Museum (phew~say that three times fast!) with my family recently, I jumped on it. Over summer vacation, we spent a day in Portland, Maine, where the museum is located. In truth: I didn’t have to try too hard to talk them into a visit to this unique museum.

International Cryptozoology Museum


Reading thriller books is a captivating experience. When you’re “down deep” into the book, coming out of it and back to reality is disconcerting at best, nearly paralyzing at worst. I’m excited to offer two new thriller book recommendations to you, along with a third “bonus” suspense recommendation…just for fun.

Friends Like These by Sara Alderson

Both of the books I’m recommending were really enjoyable. The first, called, Friends Like These, is by Sarah Alderson. Touted as a “gripping psychological suspense thriller” it didn’t disappoint. It’s been a while since I’ve read a psychological suspense and even longer since I’ve enjoyed one with an unreliable narrator.

Did you, like me, miss #halfaweenathon? (It’s the halfway point in the year to Halloween, in case you were wondering.) Not to worry. There’s still lots of time to add great thrillers to your #tbr list for May and beyond.

Today, I’m sharing a suspense novel I thoroughly enjoyed and one that I’m just getting into. Feel free to watch in video format (above) or read on.

The Survivors by Jane Harper

I’m already a fan of Jane Harper. …

Do you ever have “one of those days,” and can’t seem to climb out from under the mountain of work (or laundry) long enough for a Fiction Fix? That’s where suspense stories for busy days come in.

I’m excited to share some great sources for free, creepy short stories and audio dramas that I think you’ll love.

Sometimes you need a little reward to look forward to. Maybe it’s the boost that gets you through balancing the checkbook or cleaning up after dinner…while everyone else in the house congregates in the living room to watch TV.

That was me. I…

Supernatural suspense. Just the name of this sub-genre is enough to send spooky fingers of dread tapping up your spine. Supernatural suspense books, also called, supernatural thriller, paranormal suspense, and paranormal thrillers, along with horror, can be varied in their plots. But key elements tie them together.

At the time of this writing, the following five books are in the Top 10 Amazon List for supernatural thrillers:

  1. Devoted, by Dean Koontz
  2. In the Heart of the Fire, by Dean Koontz
  3. Layla, by Colleen Hoover
  4. Photographing the Dead, by Dean Koontz
  5. The Wife Upstairs, by Rachel Hawkins

Notice anything in this…

Always on the lookout for a new thriller-suspense novel? Like to try new-to-you authors? Then sit back and pour a cup of coffee, and let me tell you about two excellent authors I recently discovered.

Looking for your next thriller book to read but unsure what to pick up? Choosing a new novel can be tricky. While thriller and suspense books are among the most popular out there right now, the fact that there are so many to choose from can be overwhelming.

As a lover of twisty-turning psychological thrillers and gothic suspense, it’s not often I come across a book, movie, or TV show that really checks all the boxes. Movies like What Lies Beneath and The Awakening did that.

And the Netflix original movie, Fractured, which came out last October did, too. If…

Photo by Nikita Khandelwal from Pexels

What are “edgy Christian thriller” books? What do “religious horror novels” have that’s so different than regular books in the horror genre?

Today, we’re going to look at these two interesting sub-genres. We’ll figure out what differentiates edgy Christian thrillers from traditional Christian thrillers. And we’ll dissect the religious horror category and see why and how it differs from traditional horror books.

Edgy Thrillers: What Are They?

Let’s start by defining edgy fiction. I like the definition that Autumn Christian shares in her article, “How to Write Edgy Fiction Without Being Obnoxious.”

The first time you read an edgy piece of fiction, I mean actually…

Are you a writer who has dreamed of writing a book for years? An author who’s had, “finally complete the manuscript” on your bucket list for years, but doesn’t have anything to show for it? A poet who wants to finally publish his book of poems, but feels stuck?

A problem writers face is The Fairytale Effect. We know that writing is hard work. We know it requires time and effort and energy. But buried way down deep is something much more dangerous to our writing dream: the belief that your publishing journey will have a fairytale ending. This…

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I write thriller novels and coach writers. When I'm not working, you'll find me sipping a hot beverage, reading, or in the woods.

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